Towne & Country Animal Clinic

801 North Broad Street
Fairborn, OH 45324



At Towne and Country Animal Clinic we have a fully staffed kennel, and we take pride in the quality care we give our guests. All kennels are heated and air conditioned, and we feed the Royal Canin line of dry foods to the pets while they stay with us. All dogs are taken out individually, multiple times a day in our fully fenced exercise area. Cats are in individual kennels, and are checked on throughout the day as well as brushed daily. We have a full time veterinary staff on the premise to care for all your pets' needs while you are away. Ask about our grooming services to pamper your pet before they come home!

While we prefer to board pets who are current patients of Towne and Country, when space allows, we will board new pets who are not our patients. We require that all new pets be examined by our doctor preferably prior to, or if need be at the first boarding and then yearly thereafter. This is a regular examination fee to ensure that they are healthy or so we can be aware of any heath issues.  

Boarding Rates

Canine: 0-60 $26.00 per day

Canine: 61-100 $28.00 per day

Canine: 101+ $30.00 per day

Felines: All sizes $19.00 per day

Daily medication administration $4.00 

Medical boarding- Diabetic and boarders requiring medical care $46.00

Admission and Release

Please arrive for drop off at your scheduled appointment time. The receptionist will confirm your pick up dates and review feeding instructions and any belongs or special instructions. Pick up is before noon each day (to not be charged for that day) unless your pet stays for grooming. Pets who have grooming services while boarding receive the last day of boarding for free and pick up later in the day. There is also a $5.00 discount when grooming is done while boarding.

We are closed daily from 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm, Wednesday 12:00-2:00 pm, there are no boarding drop off or pick ups during this time. 

If you are bringing your own food, please clearly label with your pets name in a sealed bag or container, or the original packaging. If the pet is on a special diet, please bring it with you. Please know what type of food your pet is on as we notate it in the chart incase there are any issues. All medications for your pet must be in the original container. Inform receptionist of all food and medications being left.


 We require that all patients are current on vaccinations, so please make sure we have your pet's most recent records! If your pet is not a patient of Towne and Country Animal Clinic you will need to provide a copy of current medical records. 

Dogs are required to have a current exam, Negative Fecal test, Rabies, DHPP and Bordetella vaccines.

Cats are required to have a current exam, FVRCPC and Rabies vaccines. 


Printable Boarding Contract